Alcatroz Gaming Mouse Shark Ambioextrous (SHARKWFY) Yellow
The Shark Mouse is a 1000 CPI resolution, 3-button optical mouse with a cord length of 1.6m. It is ultra durable with a 1.6m nylon cord and high quality Teflon foot pad.

The Shark is a USB computer mouse designed with lightning speed and razor-sharp reactivity in mind. Lightweight yet durable, this is the ultra-portable computer mouse that’ll give your fingers a break from the trackpad.
The high-gloss oleophobic UV coating also makes it easy to maintain – it keeps its shine and won’t fade or flake!
Don’t be fooled by its price – the real shock factor is in the amazing quality you get.
Now comes with family and education friendly bundle pricing.

Technical Specifications

1000 CPI with 3 buttons Optical sensor: ATC 7515 8G acceleration Frame rate: up to 3000 per second Speed: 28 inches per second Ultra durable 1.6m nylon cord High quality Teflon foot pads Ultra lightweight build for weightless portability

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Alcatroz Gaming Mouse Shark Ambioextrous (SHARKWFY) Yellow

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