4smarts Display Protector for Sony Xperia C4 (4250774977886)

The perfect fitting 4smarts protector film prevents scratches in displays and thus preserves the good readability.

- Perfect fitting with all needed cut-outs
- Protection from scratches
- Scratch resistant
- Dust repellent
- Washable
- Fast and simple mounting
- Easy to remove

Package contains:
2 pieces display protection film clear
cleaning cloth
application tool

Compatible with Sony Xperia C4 E5303, E5306, E5353, Dual Sim E5333, E5343, E5363

NOTE: For devices with curved display the protector film may be shorter respectively smaller as the actual size of the display glass. The protector film doesn’t reach the display edges because otherwise it would easily peel off due to the round edges.

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4smarts Display Protector for Sony Xperia C4 (4250774977886)

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